37° Congresso Nazionale SIE 2021

The Best Poster

Following some useful information about The Best Poster Award and its compositions

15th May 2021


The Poster Session SIE is reserved to the Author presenter, Member of the Italian Society of Endodontics, who have regularized his membership no later than 15th July 2021.
If the winner is a foreign Author, he must be regularly enrolled in the SIE (and at the same time in the Congress). Co-authors not need to be necessarily enrolled to SIE. The author can be a co-author in several works, but speaker only in one.

  1. The prize will be awarded to the best Work sent, written in ENGLISH language, to the Italian Society of Endodontics and subsequently presented orally during the International Congress of the same Society.
  2. More than one Author can be associated to a Poster, but only the Author who presents it will be eligible for the award.
  3. An abstract of the Poster Work must be forwarded to the Italian Society of Endodontics, through the SIE website dedicated to the submission of the Abstract by selecting the “The Best Poster SIE Award” option. The deadline for the presentation of abstracts is strictly fixed for 15th May 2021.
  4. The length of the abstract should not be less than 2000 characters and not exceed 4000 characters including separator spaces. Bibliographic references are excluded from the character count.
  5. The bibliographic references must be of certain relevance and in number not less than 5 nor higher than 10. The Author must link the text to the bibliographic references through a specific numbering.
  6. A copy printed of the Poster must be exhibit in the designated Congress Area, assigned to the fixed exposition of the Poster Session.
  7. The “SIE Cultural Committee” will select among the received Abstracts those that will be admitted to the “Oral Presentation” during the Congress, to compete at the award ceremony as best Poster.
    • A session of the Congressual Programme will be dedicated to the Oral Presentation by the Author Presenter, in a specific room reserved.
      The author presenter can choose the possibility to explain the relation, projecting the fixed pdf of the poster or preparing a presentation in power point or keynote, composed by maximum 6 slides, related to the poster presented;
    • The Oral Presentation must not exceed 10 minutes in total for discussion (but the time will be defined in relation to the duration of the dedicated Session).
    • In September, a communication will be sent from the Secretariat to the Author Presenter with the acceptance and the number of the associated Poster.
  8. Instructions for the preparation of the Abstracts.
    Abstract should satisfied the following requirements, under penalty of exclusion:
    • Introduction: The introduction should include a detailed description of the Poster. In particular, the scientific motivations underlying the work presented.
    • Objectives: Describe and explain the aims of the Research or the Clinic Work according to the National and International scientific literature review.
    • Materials and Methods: In case of experimental methodology, this will have to be explained in detail. The methods should be described accurately and be sensitive enough to allow accurate control.
    • Results: In the description of the results should be underlined the outcomes of the work, the advantages and limitations of the applied methodology.
    • Discussion: It consists in the discussion of the results citing the literature in favor to the results of the work.
    • Conclusions: The conclusions should be supported by the results.
  9. The evaluators will have to take into account its relevance for Endodontics, the methodology, the quality of the abstract, the clarity and the level of the oral presentation.
  10. Any revisions requested by the Cultural Committee to be respected and sent back no later than 5 days from receipt of the communication and the work reproposed must have the same structure and the same number of characters imposed by Regulation of the first Abstract presented, under penalty of exclusion of the submitted work.

Following some useful information about the PRINT of the Poster and its compositions:


  • 70 centimeters of base;
  • 100 centimeters of height;
  • The font size of the writing must be more than 20 size in order to allow easy reading at about 1 meter from the poster itself.

The Poster should include:

  • The Title of the Poster;
  • Name, Surname and Qualification of all Authors;
  • Correspondence address and e-mail address.

Congress Poster Structure:

  • Introduction:
  • Objectives:
  • Materials and Methods:
  • Results:
  • Discussion and Conclusion:
  • Recent bibliographic references (minimum 5 / maximum 10):
  • Any photographs, pictures, graphics and chart are admitted.


Submission: The Best Poster SIE

If you wish to submit a piece of your work to the International Congress SIE 2021 and participate in the Posters Sessions complete the form below following the instructions on this page.

  • All names shall be written in full (e.g: Paolo Vincenzo Rossi and not P.V. Rossi)
  • Insert the Abstract following Award Regulations.
  • The references shall be of a certain relevance, no less than 5 and no more than 10 in number. The author shall link the references to the text via specific number.
  • Attachment

    You can upload jpg, jpeg and/or pdf files

    Max dimension per file: 1 megabyte

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, pdf.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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