IV SIE international Congress 2021

IV SIE International Congress

“Endodontics: scientifically based clinical protocols”

11st/13th November 2021

Here we are in Bologna on the occasion of our IV International Congress.
We are now at number four of our appointment which continues to be an important and always interesting event for its innovative and updating nature.

The participation of Italian and Foreign Speakers makes the event extremely captivating for the most current topics and for the remarkable scientific contribution.

As usual also this year the Pre-Congress Course organized on Thursday afternoon offers a decidedly stimulating title: “Antipodes of Endodontics” which compares the topics of Prof. Lars Bjorndal with his “Management of deep and extremely deep caries: Pathology Treatment and Level of Evidence” and of Charbel Allam with his “Endodontic Microsurgery: The Surgical Techniques That You Should Know and Master” emphasizing the level of evidence achieved.

The Congress goes ahead on Friday and Saturday which will see the alternation of Italian Speakers such as Prof. Elio Berutti, Dr Arnaldo Castellucci, Dr Roberto Fornara, Prof. Francesco Mangani, Prof. Daniamo Pasqualini and Dr Silvio Taschieri to Foreign Speakers such as Prof. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Hashem, Prof. Charbel Allam, Prof. Lars Bjorndal, Prof. Josette Camilleri and Dr Tugba Türk.
The topics unfold starting from apparently simple managements up to the procedures of pulpal revitalization, passing through the techniques of surgical Endodontics and post-endo reconstruction, not forgetting to associate clinical evidence with a wider view of scientificity. Furthermore, the in-depth analysis of the evolution of diagnostic instruments is very current.

Of course, the Congress will be enriched by the lectures of the Scientific Research Works for the Riccardo Garberoglio Award, Case Reports or case series of particular endodontic interest both in clinical and surgical settings for the Giorgio Lavagnoli Award and finally the communications on endodontic issues with particular attention to Instrumentation, Innovation and Respect of Anatomy for the Francesco Riitano Award. We cannot forget the Session dedicated to the Best Poster SIE Award, which increasingly attracts the participation of Students from the main Italian and foreign schools.

As usual, there will be the SIE Clinical Theaters, the Sponsored Table Clinics and the Master Clinician Session Live, held by our Main Sponsors which we always thank so much for the support to our Society.

The Congress will be ECM accredited, like all our events and we will have simultaneous translation to facilitate both Italian and foreigners.

I just have to invite you all to participate in this promising event and say goodbye in Bologna!


SIE President
Dott.ssa Maria Teresa Sberna

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