IV SIE international Congress 2021
Silvio Taschieri

Silvio Taschieri

Degree in Medicine and Surgery -MD- and Post Graduate Degree Specialist in Stomatology (DDS) at the University of Milan, Italy, -04/10/1993- 110/110 cum laude. Post Graduate Degree in Stomatology – DDS, 23/11/1996 – 70/70 cum laude.
Associate Professor of the University of Milan. Employment contract agreement status for research activity and consultant at Hospital IRCCS Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi – Section of Odontostomatology from January 2014.
Professor of the Sechenov University Russia, Moscow from April 2018.
Member of Speciality Expert Panel Restorative Dentistry Speciality and Reviewer of COHG (Cochrane Oral Health Group), University of Manchester.
Active member of: Italian Italian Academy of osteointegration (IAO); Italian Academy of non Trasfusional Hemo-Components (ANTHEC); Italian Society of Endodontology (SIE); European Society of Endodontology (ESE).
Lecturer at many important University. Winner of national and international Scientific Prize competitions. Associate Editor Section of Implantology of Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry; Editor-in-Chief and Lead Guest Editor of Special issues of Scientific World Journal and International Journal of Dentistry. Author of more then 300 scientific publications and 15 book chapters.


Friday, 11 Nov

12.50 am

A sound Knowledge of anatomy has always been the guide for any surgical practice. Particularly when the surgical act involves resection or regenerative acts of both soft and hard tissues, it is essential to know the vascularization and innervation of the surgical field. This anatomical knowledge makes it possible to plan the most suitable and sufficiently predictable surgical procedure. Moreover, in case of unforeseen events during surgery, the deep knowledge of the above mentioned concepts allows one to make correct choices in a short time and to reduce both the possibility of incurring possible intraoperative iatrogenic damage and incurring adverse events during post-operative hospitalization. In this lecture the main neuro-vascular bundles and the main anatomical areas that may be involved during endodontic and/or implant surgery will be considered. These concepts will help the surgeon to make the correct decision even in the choice between the two surgeries, which therefore should not be related to subjective evaluations but rather to objective evaluations starting from the anatomical characteristics of the surgical site and then continue with those related to the dental element(s) involved.


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