IV SIE international Congress 2021
Charbel Allam

Charbel Allam

DDS, DESE Endodontist and Oral Surgeon.
Clinical Professor at St. Joseph University School of Dentistry, department of Endodontics, Beirut, Lebanon.
Graduated in 1983 from St. Joseph University, Beirut Lebanon.
Postgraduate in Endodontics in 1994 from St. Joseph University, Beirut Lebanon.
Training courses in Endodontic Microsurgery in 1999 from University of Pennsylvania USA. Training courses in Endodontic Microsurgery in 2000 from Loma Linda University USA. Certificate in Implantologie and Advanced bone grafting from California Implant Institute USA.
Received the Qana Scientific Award twice: 2001 and 2005, for his scientific work.
Development of a new bone trepanation procedure already published.
Development of a surgical kit of seven retractors made by HU-FRIEDY: C. ALLAM RETRACTORS.
International lecturer: presented many national and international lectures, hands-on and courses in different countries at international meetings: AAE, ESE, IFEA.
Many international articles were published.
Member of the American Association of Endodontists.
Member of the European Society of Endodontology.
Member of the Froncophone Society of Microdentistry.
Member and Past President of the Lebanese Association of Endodontists.


Friday, 11 Nov

12.50 am

The endodontic surgery has evolved from a conventional surgery to a microsurgery. Instruments and retro filling products have also benefited from this progress made in order to increase the rate of success. However, the prognosis can be affected by the presence of serious anatomical elements such as the maxillary sinus, the mandibular nerve and the palatal root. In such case, the surgeon will be facing two situations: whether the apex is in close contact with the sinus membrane or the mandibular nerve, or the apex is in the sinus or beyond the nerve or near the palatal vessel if we have to get to the palatal root.
Conventional endodontic treatment could failed for many reasons at different situations and also the extraction of the tooth could not solve the problem.
Endodontic infections that develop in the maxillary posterior teeth can easily spread into the maxillary sinuses causing pathological effects. 
The relationship between dental infections and sinus disease is widely recognized in both the dental and medical literature. Antibiotic therapy is unwarranted in the treatment and ineffective as a definitive solution. Patients should be informed of all treatment options and the prognosis of each option, to include risks of no treatment. The treatment depends if it is a granuloma, a large cyst or a benign tumor-like odontogenic keratocyst. The surgical procedure will be descript step by step for the different type of situations. 


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