CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SIE 2017, Bologna 9-11 Novembre

Francesco Riitano

Allowed Submissions:

Reports on endodontic themes focussed on Instruments, Innovation and Respect for Anatomy will be suitable to compete for this award.

15th May 2016


The partecipation to this award competition is reserved to SIE Members which will have regularly enrolled no later than this coming 15th July.

The author could be co-author in more than one work but presenting author in one only.

Each presentation, both in final and ordinary sessions, will necessarily last maximum 15 minutes. At the end of each session, 15 additional minute discussion with the public will be available, in compliance with the timetable. Delays won’t be allowed; the session moderator will interrupt  presenting authors at the end of the provided minutes. Presenting authors are asked to be present during the final debate.

Abstract Structure

Each Abstract that will be submitted to SIE’s Cultural Committee for the Francesco Riitano Award shall be written in Italian or in English and structured as follows:

    Introduction must be brief and concise. In order to avoid repeating things contained also in other presentations regarding the same matter (e.g. root filling), the general part of the introduction shall be reduced to the minimum (e.g. if the topic is root filling using Resilion the introduction shall describe directly the characteristics of Resilion and avoid indication the history of the filling materials or the history of Endodontics, etc.). If your communication contains a part dedicated to experimentation or research, indicate clearly the references on which you have based your method.
    While describing the objectives, the operator shall justify the operational strategy according to the scientific literature indications.
    Indicate the characteristics and all operational sequences and protocols you have used for explaining your topic, method or technique. Lecturers may submit their presentations during the Congress using as many radiographies, photos and videos they wish, as far as they fall within the indicated time. Abstracts cannot contain less than 5, though no more than 10, images and max 2 videos that illustrate in detail the quality and suitability of the presentation.
    Describing the results, the lecturer shall highlight the results, advantages and disadvantages of the operations that have been conducted. It will be necessary to compare the results with others achieved using similar methods and supported by scientific evidence.
Abstract shall fulfil the following requirements:
  • it shall contain: the competition category, the report title, name and qualification of all authors, address and email address of the contact person.
  • the total lenght should be minimum 1600 characters and maximum 2750 characters, blank spaces included; references are excluded from the count.
  • references shall be of a certain relevance, not below 5 though not above 10. The author shall link the references to the text via specific number.
  • the abstract shall be sent to SIE in digital format only, using the form in this very page.
  • should the abstract contain any image, they should be submitted within the presentation form, not attached as distinct files.

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