CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SIE 2017, Bologna 9-11 Novembre

Riccardo Garberoglio

Allowed Submissions:

Pieces of research such as general and laboratory research or clinical research (e.g. clinical trials, innovative surgical or operational techniques) fully pertinent to biology, clinical and surgical subjects applied to Endodontics will be suitable to compete for this award.

15th May 2016


  1. The prize shall be known as the Riccardo Garberoglio ITALIAN SOCIETY OF ENDODONTICS RESEARCH AWARD.
    The winner of the award will be entitled to 2000 EURO and a certificate.
  2. The prize shall be awarded to a paper submitted in English and presented at the International Congress of the Italian Society of Endodontics in accordance with the rules outlined below. More than one author can be associated to a paper but only the presenting author will be eligible for the prize.
  3. Candidates (presenting authors) must be enrolled in the International Congress of the Italian Society of Endodontics or be a member of the Italian Society of Endodontics.
  4. An abstract of the work must be submitted through this very page. Candidates are also required to submit  structured Abstract, subdivided into Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion and References no later than 15th May in the year of the Congress.
  5. The total length must be no less than 2000 and no more than 4000 characters including empty spaces: references are excluded from the count.
  6. The references shall be of a certain relevance, no less than 5 and no more than 10 in number. The author shall link the references to the text via specific number.
  7. The SIE Research Committee will select from the submitted abstracts and papers the best pieces of research for the oral presentations. Oral presentations shall not exceed 12 minutes with additional 3 minutes for discussion. Computer projection facilities will be available.
  8. Those pieces of research resulting adequate to SIE standards but not admitted to the oral presentation could be presented in the Poster Session.
  9. Content:
    • Introduction: the introduction shall include a detailed description of the research. You will have to explain the scientific reason behind your hypothesis.
    • Objectives of the study: when describing your objectives, explain your research in the light of a review of scientific literature.
    • Materials and methods: experimental methods shall be clearly explained. Methods should be described precisely and should be adequately sensitive to allow accurate measurement.
    • Results: in describing your results, highlight the outcomes, advantages or disadvantages of the results you have achieved. An appropriate statistical analysis is required.
    • Discussion: results are discussed. Literature supporting and opposing the findings has been identified.
    • Conclusions: conclusions must be supported by results.
  10.  The prize will be awarded by the Research Committee of the SIE. The assessors will take into account the originality of the research; its relevance to Endodontology; the methodology, results and discussion; the standard of the abstract; and the clarity and quality of the presentation.

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