CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SIE 2017, Bologna 9-11 Novembre
Jean Yves Cochet

Jean Yves Cochet

Oral Biological Certificate (1986).
Restaurative Dentistry and Endodontic Certificate (1986).
Post Graduate Certificate in Endodontic (1990).

Formely Assistant Professor In University PARIS VII (1986-1990).
Teaching in the post graduate programm in PARIS VII (1990-1996).
Visiting Professor of Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine.
Clinical Assistant Professor Post graduate programm PARIS.

President of the French Endodontic Society (SFE) (1998-2000).
Director of International Relationships of the SFE (2000-2002).
Treasurer of IFEA (2005-2007)
Member of the SFE since 1984.
Member of the AAE since 1987.
Member of the SIE since 2012.
Fellow of the International college of dentists.

Editorial board advisor for the Revue d’odontostomatologie (Chairman for Endodontic).

Numerous international presentations of Endodontics Traumatology and Endodontic Surgery.

Recommendent speaker in Endodontic Surgery  by The American Association of Endodontists.

Sinus Pathology.
Endodontic considerations in:
non surgical and surgical approaches

Saturday, 12 Nov

11.30 am

Endodontic pathology can induce sinus diseases because of the anatomic situation.

Classical sinusitis, pain, otolaryngological pathologies are the most common side effects.

Proper investigation procedures followed by a faithfull diagnosis will enable effective treatment to be administered.

The Endodontic or surgical approach (endodontic surgery) should be performed according to the latest radiological, biochemical and clinical studies on tissue regeneration.

It is important to understand the clinical evaluation and specific investigation (CBCT or CT scann) for determining the precise diagnosis and rational treatment, and modulate the clinical approach depending on the size of the Endodontic lesion, the extension of the sinus disease and the anatomical considerations.

The relationship between the ENT physician and endodontist is also very important and will be discussed.

Learning objectives

  • Understand sinus pathology and the process of selecting conventional versus surgical endodontic treatment.
  • Learn how to read and interpret CBCT or CT scans and understand its applications for diagnosis, treatment and case selection of sinus pathology treatment.
  • Understand the endodontic therapy objectives, to determine a the rational treatment.


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