CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SIE 2017, Bologna 9-11 Novembre
Elio Berutti

Elio Berutti

Elio Berutti received his scientific degree in dentistry in 1985 in the University of Turin, Italy. Since then Dr. Berutti has been doing research limited to endodontics. At the present moment he holds the Chair of Endodontics at the School of Dentistry at the University of Turin. Past President of SIE (Italian Society of Endodontics), Active Member of ESE (European Society of Endodontology), and Member of AAE (American Association of Endodontics). Author of many articles focused on clinical Endodontics. Speaker of the highest international level.

Minimally-invasive shaping: what is the right choice?

Saturday, 12 Nov

9.40 am

Endodontics has changed dramatically thanks to the introduction of new technologies such as: microscope, NiTi rotary instruments, ultrasonic tips and devices.

The goal of modern endodontics is to reach success through minimally invasive treatments. Difficult cases can be a challenge that today more and more often can result in the preservation of natural teeth.

The goal of my lecture will be to present difficult cases and to explain in detail the right therapeutic choice and the treatment step by step. Particular attention will be paid to the choice of the right endodontic intruments needed to shape different anatomies.


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