CONGRESSO NAZIONALE SIE 2017, Bologna 9-11 Novembre
Augusto Malentacca

Augusto Malentacca

Graduated in medicine and surgery in 1976, specialist in dentistry since 1979.
Active member AIC (Italian Academy of Conservative).
Active member SIE (Society Italian endodontics).
Member of the Board since 1992.
President of SIE 1999-2001.
Founding member and past-president dell’AIOM (Italian Academy of Microscopic Dentistry).
Past-President of the CIC Intercompany Coordination Committee of the Italian dentistry Associations.
Author of many scientific papers, national and international speaker.

A novel approach to the root canal cleaning

Friday, 11 Nov

12.10 am

In recent years the mechanical instrumentation has taken a leading role in the panorama of endodontics.
It’s obvious to everyone that the use of rotary instruments has speeded the techniques and permitted an increase in the quality of preparation and as a result of root filling, but has dramatically reduced the irrigation.

Today the trend is to dedicate a specific time for the cleansing even after root canal preparation.
New techniques allow to obtain an optimum degree of cleaning using irrigants more performing and subsonic or ultrasonic devices or lasers.

This greater degree of cleaning obtained even without a preparation with defined shapes of the channel which are suitable to a greater penetration of the irrigant allows us to imagine a new scenario in the realization of the endodontic therapy in which the shape of the channel is not so important.


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